About usWhat is GALLERIST IIID?

Your own 3D virtual gallery
You can exhibit your art.
This is such a service.

For solo and group exhibitions.
This service allows you to easily create a virtual gallery.

It is a “3D virtual gallery space” for displaying photographs, paintings, and artists’ works.
No web expertise is required, and works can be uploaded and published immediately from a dedicated dashboard.
The gallery does not require an application and can be accessed by anyone from a PC, smartphone, or tablet, and is also VR-compatible.
You can hold your own exhibitions on the web or in 3D space.
No more expensive development costs or long development times. Get your own 3D virtual space and present your work to the world.

for ArtistsCreate my gallery

How to create a gallery

for visitorVirtual Gallery Operation

PC and Smartphone

for ArtistAbout gallery construction and exhibition

Exhibit your work in a simple and easy way.

Just fill in the form.
Simple operation & management

Simply fill out the required information on the web and upload an image of your work.
You are free to replace or rewrite.

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Choice of gallery design,

Select any gallery design that complements your work.
Customize it to suit your style, theme, and whenever you like.

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Learn more about the artwork.
You can zoom in and describe the concept

Detailed information about the work,
including its concept and history

What are the most popular works?
Let’s look at the access log.

It is linked to google analytics, so you can see the access status and which works are clicked on the most.

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Present your work to the world.
SNS and QR codes.

After setting up and registering, you can immediately share the URL of your gallery on SNS or with a QR code. It’s easy to announce your exhibition.

More than just an image display.
Sales prices, videos and related links posted.

It can list selling prices, related links, youtube, etc.,
and can be linked to other information as well.


for VisitorVisitors to the 3D Virtual Gallery

Simple and intuitive operation

Feels like being in an actual gallery

View the works in order. Move closer or pull back.
Enjoy the works as if you were staying in a real gallery.

VR mode to enjoy on your smartphone or tablet

“MULTI” is equipped with a VR mode. You can enjoy it in VR mode by accessing it with your smartphone or tablet.

Easy smartphone VR with commercially available goggles

You can easily experience smartphone VR by setting the gallery in VR mode on commercially available VR goggles.

Auto play mode for those who are not good at operation.

Not a fan of the controls? Auto Play is for such people. The gallery is automatically circulated. Direct access from the menu or floor map is also available.

What kind of virtual gallery can I have?
Please take a look at the demo gallery first.



Created with Ver.SOLO

We have tried to display the works of Rembrandt van Rijn, the great painter of the Dutch Golden Age, in our gallery.


Created with Ver.MULTIVR Support

The Art Institute of Chicago This exhibit features a selection of works by impressionist painters from the public domain.

RecommendI want people like this to use it

GALLERIST IIID” is a web service for artists who want to have a solo exhibition but cannot.

Illustration, photography, art, etc.
I would like to have a 3D virtual space where only my artwork is displayed.

My own world, created in a virtual space.
The Virtual 3D Gallery provides a new venue for exhibiting artwork.

Not your average web presence.
We want to send out messages that are different from others.

平It is a website that allows users to freely move around in a 3D virtual space that is a bit different from just a flat surface.

Looking for alternatives to
realistic exhibits.

We would like to encourage those who, for various reasons, are unable to hold real exhibitions to take advantage of this service.
A new exhibition style for the next era.

The functionality you need, with easy management features.
Create your own website.

I want a website. But I didn’t want a regular website.
This is a new style of homepage for such people.

We would like to open special exhibitions
and support many artists.

If you are not an artist, but are in love with art,
you can also send your message through this gallery.

Open your own virtual gallery.
Tips on how to make the most of your free trial period.

Make the most of your 10-day free trial by preparing all the necessary information in advance!

Make the most of the
free trial period.

PricingStarting at $9.99/month. Free trial available.



  • I’m still asked for payment information for the free trial.

    If you cancel within the trial period, you will not be charged. Please feel free to try our free trial.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription through the “Customer Portal” or “Payments” listed on your dashboard. The first 10 days of registration are free.

  • What service do you use for payments?

    We use an online business payment infrastructure called “Stripe”.
    For more information, please click here.

  • Do I need a server or domain?

    No need. You can publish without signing up for a domain or server.

  • What procedures are required to continue my membership?

    No procedure is required as the membership is automatically renewed.

  • What happens when the contract ends?

    You will no longer have access to the gallery and dashboard. Data will be deleted after a certain period of time.

  • I would like to publish my advertisements for a period of time.

    If you do not use the site for a certain period of time, you can re-subscribe. Please contact us for details.

PricingStarting at $9.99/month. Free trial available.