What are the most popular works?
It can be linked to google analytics to track access status and featured works.

Gallerist 3D can obtain access logs to the gallery, such as “the number of visits to the gallery itself” and “which works were clicked on”.
Simply enter the GA tag ID in the dashboard to link with google analytics and check access status from the administration screen.
The main flow is as follows

1. obtain a measurement ID

Get the “measurement ID” (it is an ID that starts with G) that appears in “web” of “data stream” in “properties” that you created in google analytics.

2. Input to dashboard

For “SOLO,” enter the “Measurement ID” field in the “About the exhibition” section.

For “MULTI”, enter the “Analytics” field under “Exhibition”.

…That’s all there is to setting it up. You can check the access status from the google analytics admin screen with just this.
Please give it a try.

PricingStarting at $9.99/month. Free trial available.