How to have an easy-to-manage website

Only necessary functions, simple input.
Yes, less hassle is better.
New website style.

What is it that you want to put on your website, what is it that you want to communicate?
Surprisingly, that may be a simple content.

We do not want a website that is so complicated that no one can get to the information.

The information you want to send out is simply entered from an administrative screen called the dashboard.
Since the dashboard is accessible from the web, you can freely update it anytime, anywhere, whether you are using a PC or a smartphone.

Viewers can also freely access and move through the 3D space deployed on the web, sometimes in auto mode for automatic playback.

Keep your website simple. Communicators keep it simple. The recipient should be simple, too. How about this way of thinking?

Communication is no longer done by e-mail, but by direct messages on social networking sites, and using linked social networking accounts makes it even smoother.

For integration with such social networking accounts, simply set up the account from the dashboard.
QR codes are also automatically issued, making it easy to announce your site.

We want to put as much information as necessary with as little time and effort as possible. If you want such a website, please consider us.

PricingStarting at $9.99/month. Free trial available.