How to have multiple exhibition galleries

3How to have multiple exhibition galleries

Have 3D virtual galleries on various themes.
Multiple galleries can be contracted.
Can have a variety of exhibits on different themes.

Gallerist 3D’s 3D Virtual Gallery allows up to 24 works for “SOLO” and 60 works for “MULTI”.
If that is not enough, or if the number of works is too large, you can subscribe to multiple galleries.
Why not try a variety of gallery designs to match the taste and concept of your artwork?
Gallerist 3D provides such a backdrop: it fits the style of the work without being more assertive than the work itself.
You can choose a unified gallery design to match a wide variety of artworks, or you can change the design for each category.
We hope that you will not let your works sleep, but rather disseminate them through the 3D virtual gallery.

How to Support Artists

How to Support Artists

We want to organize exhibitions and support artists.
Even if you are not an artist, you can use this 3D virtual gallery to communicate your ideas.

The original gallerist; why not showcase the work of your “guess” artist in our 3D virtual gallery?

A gallerist (art dealer) is an art dealer who has a gallery with exhibition space and deals mainly in paintings.
The works of favorite painters are presented in this virtual gallery, and the gallerist business is conducted in the web space.
With Gallerist 3D, which can be freely and easily replaced, you can introduce your favorite artists’ works one after another.

You can also display the price of each piece and sell it.
By listing them with detailed information, you may be able to meet future owners.

Recognize and support young artists in society. Discover new works of art and present them to the world.

Uncovering works of art that have yet to see the light of day for art investors.

We hope that this will be one of the new gallerist tools to support future artists.

How to have an easy-to-manage website

How to have an easy-to-manage website

Only necessary functions, simple input.
Yes, less hassle is better.
New website style.

What is it that you want to put on your website, what is it that you want to communicate?
Surprisingly, that may be a simple content.

We do not want a website that is so complicated that no one can get to the information.

The information you want to send out is simply entered from an administrative screen called the dashboard.
Since the dashboard is accessible from the web, you can freely update it anytime, anywhere, whether you are using a PC or a smartphone.

Viewers can also freely access and move through the 3D space deployed on the web, sometimes in auto mode for automatic playback.

Keep your website simple. Communicators keep it simple. The recipient should be simple, too. How about this way of thinking?

Communication is no longer done by e-mail, but by direct messages on social networking sites, and using linked social networking accounts makes it even smoother.

For integration with such social networking accounts, simply set up the account from the dashboard.
QR codes are also automatically issued, making it easy to announce your site.

We want to put as much information as necessary with as little time and effort as possible. If you want such a website, please consider us.

Let’s use it in place of a real-life exhibition.

Let's use it in place of a real-life exhibition.

We would like to encourage those who,
for various reasons, are unable to hold real exhibitions to take advantage of this service.
A new exhibition style for the next era.

Those who are no longer able to hold exhibitions that they used to be able to hold.
Those who wanted to hold an exhibition but could not due to circumstances.
Those who have done exhibitions but want to do them on the web as well. We hope that these people will use this service.
How can we replace art galleries?
How can we make the act of “presenting artwork” and “viewing exhibited artwork” more realistic?
And what would be a different way to enjoy art than in a conventional art gallery?
Gallerist 3D is the result of this idea.

What is the alternative to an actual gallery?

The 3D virtual space allows visitors to approach artworks three-dimensionally in an atmosphere as if they were in an actual gallery. Visitors can “look around the exhibited works” and feel the world view as if they were in an actual art gallery. For those who want to have a solo exhibition someday, hold an exhibition that anyone can participate in, or have people from all over the world view their work, we would like you to use this space as an alternative to an art gallery. That is what we are thinking.

How to enjoy a different kind of art gallery?

An exhibition that can be easily attended on any device, including smartphones, PCs, and tablets.
A gallery that can be freely operated with one hand, whether on the move or during a gap in time.
Sometimes on the big screen, sometimes in your hands, you can experience the artist’s work and his/her worldview. 3D virtual gallery allows you to enjoy such a way.

How to create a website unlike any other

How to create a website unlike any other

This is no ordinary web.
It is a website that allows you to move freely around in a 3D space, which is a bit different from just a flat surface.

I want a website that will not become obsolete.
We often hear people say, “I want a website that will never go stale. Try Gallerist 3D.
It is a space to display artwork, but it does not have to be artwork. You can also use this space to introduce your products and services.

How to use it as a showroom?

For example, products can be displayed in this space and used as a showroom. Detailed information that can be displayed by clicking on the displayed photo can include detailed images, videos, and links to other websites.

How do I make contact?

SNS accounts can also be listed, allowing direct message communication without the need for cumbersome email forms.

How do I get an access log?

If you embed the measurement ID of google analytics, you can also track access status.

How to share on SNS?

Images and text used for SNS shares, called ogp, can also be set from the dashboard.

Do I need to prepare a server?

If you sign a license agreement with Gallerist 3D, the URL will be issued automatically. No server setup or management is required.

What do you think? If you are looking for something a little different and want a website in 3D space, we hope you will consider Gallerist 3D.

Present your art, photography, and other works of art!

Present your art, photography, and other works of art

I want to present my works of illustration, photography, art, etc.
The 3D Virtual Gallery is the perfect place for those who want to present their works of art.
We provide a new venue for presentation.

If there are people who have lost the opportunity to exhibit now.
If artists, photographers, illustrators, and all other artists have lost the opportunity to exhibit, this 3D space on the web can be of help. This is how this gallery was born.

What is the point of using this gallery?

The work is not just a flat surface, but rather, as if it were displayed in an actual gallery, you see the work and get close to it.
The artist walks from a distance, slightly diagonal or frontal, and gradually moves closer to the work.
There, the composition allows other works to play a supporting role that enhances the work.
The overall image that can be seen by pulling back, and the fine details that can be seen by moving in closer.
Walking through the gallery in three dimensions adds depth to the way the works are viewed.
We believe that the greatest significance of using this gallery is that it offers a three-dimensional approach that is different from that of a mere website.
You can see what a real gallery looks like in the “Gallerist 3D Demo Gallery” below.

“Rembrandt van Rijn” made by ver.SOLO.

“The Art Institute of Chicago” made by ver.MULTI.

Is the feature just that it is displayed in 3D?

No, Gallerist 3D is not only unique in that it can be displayed in 3D. Another major feature is that it is easy to manage.
Through a dedicated management screen, you can easily enter, change, and manage information on artworks and exhibitions.

See “How to make a gallery” for more information.