The artwork looks great! Gallery Design

Select a suitable gallery for the exhibition.
Galleries are selected according to the style and theme of the artwork. We will create a space that complements the artwork.

Gallerist 3D “SOLO” offers gallery designs to complement your work. Let us show you what designs are available and what kind of gallery you should choose depending on your artwork.
First, there are three orthodox monotone types.

The white space will be a versatile exhibition space that will complement any artwork.


Vividly colored pieces may be a good fit for a jet-black space.


The concrete texture of the space complements a variety of styles.


Next, color variations to match the character of the work.

This red space is quite unique, but may complement traditional Asian pieces.


Blue space. Depending on the color combination and style, how about this kind of color exhibition?


Green. This should also be a scene that can be utilized depending on the style of the work.


The last type is a little more distinctive.

Combination of gray and wood. Many pieces would fit in a chic space.


Purple. We want you to use the neon color atmosphere.


Brick. I would like to see it utilized as an exhibition space for contemporary art.


What do you think? SOLO” gallery 3D currently offers 9 types of gallery designs to choose from.
Please try it out. Click here for a selection of rate plans.

The “MULTI” design can also be customized. We are currently uploading examples of our designs on instagram and facebook, so please take a look at them as well.

Use only when necessary, without waste

When you need it,
for as much as you need it.
Effective use without waste.

If you cancel your Gallerist 3D license once, you can reapply for a license under the same account and resume gallery exhibitions.
For example, you may want to use the gallery twice or three times a year for a specific period of time.

For example, if you use “SOLO” for 3 months

For example, if you use “SOLO” for 4 months out of a year

For example, use like this
During the solo exhibition, the same work will be on display in Gallerist 3D’s gallery for visitors from afar.
The work may continue to be exhibited in the virtual gallery even after the exhibition is over. Then, after exhibiting for a certain period of time, the exhibition is terminated (cancellation procedure from the dashboard).
You only need to pay the monthly fee for the required period of time.

I want to reopen, that’s when.
After that, “I’d like to exhibit my work again at the same address,” or “I’d like to reopen the virtual gallery at the time of my next exhibition.
Whenever you feel so, please re-apply for a license with the same account.
You can resume with the same data and settings as before.

Payments are in monthly increments
For example, even if you cancel in the middle of a contract, you can use the service until the end of the contract within a period of one month.
Even if you cancel once, the stored data is retained for up to one year. When you re-subscribe, you can reuse the data.
In other words, you can use the service for as long as you like during the one-year period for as little as $29.99/month.

Gallerist 3D can be used for as long as needed.
A free first-time trial is also available. Please give it a try.

Click here to review our plans.

Let’s get access logs!

What are the most popular works?
It can be linked to google analytics to track access status and featured works.

Gallerist 3D can obtain access logs to the gallery, such as “the number of visits to the gallery itself” and “which works were clicked on”.
Simply enter the GA tag ID in the dashboard to link with google analytics and check access status from the administration screen.
The main flow is as follows

1. obtain a measurement ID

Get the “measurement ID” (it is an ID that starts with G) that appears in “web” of “data stream” in “properties” that you created in google analytics.

2. Input to dashboard

For “SOLO,” enter the “Measurement ID” field in the “About the exhibition” section.

For “MULTI”, enter the “Analytics” field under “Exhibition”.

…That’s all there is to setting it up. You can check the access status from the google analytics admin screen with just this.
Please give it a try.