A solo exhibition in your own VR space.

The concept of Gallerist 3D is “My own world in VR space”.

How about displaying your work in a VR space and holding a solo exhibition?

If you create a gallery with Gallerist 3D’s “MULTI Plan”, a VR gallery will be created automatically.

Compatible with VR goggles that use the phone in a horizontal position. The “Gaze Control” function allows the user to move without a controller by aligning the cursor and continuing to gaze at it.

Your work will be experienced in a VR space.

How about holding a VR solo exhibition at Gallerist 3D, where you can easily have a VR gallery?

Learn more about our plans.

Click here to view the VR demo gallery. *Please access with your smartphone or tablet.

Goggles supported. VR functionality released!

Added VR functionality.
Further virtual experience will be possible.

Gallerist3d, a virtual gallery service, has released a VR function that “provides a virtual experience as if you were there” on iPhone, Android, iPad, and other devices.
Please check the “MULTI” demo https://sv60-en.3d-gallery.net/?uid=theartinstituteofchicago to see what kind of VR experience you can actually have.

The “VR MODE” button appears when accessing the site with a smartphone or tablet.
Turn the phone vertically for single VR and horizontally for VR goggle mode.
Holding up the tablet or smartphone will move the viewpoint, and continuing to stare at it with the crosshair cursor will move the viewpoint.

Please refer to the “Enjoy the gallery” page for detailed operating instructions.

“My own world in a virtual space.”
How about a VR space decorated with your own artwork?